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ALICE PEAKE, artist and co-creator of platform ‘Femme Fatale’. Femme Fatale is a female empowered movement, platform discussing vital issues that women face today. Forming, a community, a safe space for all to share thoughts, ideas and personal experiences. Femme Fatale is for anyone that identifies as female. It features voices of young women, artists, writers and musicians.

“I am a Nottingham based Artist and print maker, I am also a co -creator of the Nottingham Female Empowerment platform ‘Femme Fatale’.

My art work is a production of energetic release; using mixed medias such as print, embroidery and collage combined with lots of colour which I layer on the page to make my pieces loud, brash and multi-dimensional. As an artist my subject revolves around people, especially women.

I also want to explain a bit about Femme Fatale, which was set up by my friend Khaya and me, the main reason being that there are big female empowerment groups happening in cities such as London and 

Brighton but not in Nottingham. We wanted to create a platform for local women to speak about the issues they face and we produced a zine to represent ourselves and them. The reaction we’ve had has made us more eager to push ourselves extra hard to create a spectacular issue 2, we’ve also partnered up with ‘Women’s Aid’ to help us with our information! I am extremely excited for the future and cannot wait to put my energies into creating art for something that is incredibly worthwhile to me and to other women.”

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