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The first razor beauty advertisement featuring women with body hair hit the screen!

  The media is recovering what is natural! Body hair is losing the stigma of being unmentionable.

  Razor brand “billie”, took on disreputable "pink tax" on female products and now the release of their new campaign, “Project Body Hair”; first razor advertisement featuring women displaying their body hair, in the brilliance of beauty. Lack of body hair imagery is a problem, when overwhelmed by hairless advertisements. The billie cofounder Georgina Gooley  said that not having natural advertisements is “a version of body shaming”.  For years inside the beauty scene, women’s razor brands have decided not to acknowledge female body hair. The commercials shown today, women are meant to "shave" flawlessly airbrushed legs? 

   Everyone has this natural hair so why should it be hidden and shamed. What you do with yours is up to you , whether you want to grow it, get rid of it or embrace it.

  Photographer Ashley Armitage, creates body-positive visuals focusing on the female gaze. Making Ashley the pefect photographer and director to shoot imagery for billie; these photos  encourage and rejoice the positivity of female power,body hair and self-loving; women can choose to shave their hair or proudly wear it.

Project Body Hair showcases empowering and striking images of women with hair, everywhere: underarms, legs, toes, face and everything in between. Armitage, fights for better representation and appreciation of women through her work.



The photo shoot included influential and beautiful models that brought it to life, with their hair and natural quirks. These women have become apart of an iconic scene for the next generations to come.


Models: @borafona, @maryvbenoit, @champagnemani, @ramonadai, @easy.socks

They will be an iconic group that will hopefully come together again.

  Their goal is to push against these common stereotypes and celebrate women and body hair. These images were the result of billie's realisation that there is a serious lack of female body hair in media online. To solve this billie donated an image library of real women to break the internet with a little more fuzz.

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