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Editor-Sophie Blackburn

Assistant Editor and Copy Editor - Jonny Blackburn

‘2020 VISION’ Front Covers


Louis Judkins
Faux Real by Cheryl Georgette

Amyl and the Sniffers (Amy Taylor)

by Jamie Wdziekonski.
Back Cover art by front cover star Louis Judkins.



Rough Trade Records, Natasha Istomina, Ivan Kaydash, Victor Gorbachev, Daria Lukash, Ruslan Nasir, Kertin Vasser, Tanya Klimovich, Getter Killing, Anna Himma, Eliise Brigita Moisamaa, Laura Salla, Antonio Vattev.




Enrique Villaluenga, Juan Lo, Tanya Klimovich, Kertin Vasser, Agathe Rousselle, Percy Walker-Smith.

Welcome to the third edition of STRIPED Magazine, ‘2020 VISION’. This exclusive issue is dedicated to the revolution that a new generation is creating. An angle of youth takes hold, reinventing and questioning all priorities and concerns. Issue three stars, Amyl and the Sniffers, Faux Real and Louis Judkins as a part of a multiple front cover edition.


STRIPED uses 2020 VISION to look forward into the next decade of musicians, visualists and performers; setting the next iconic formations of the new and outrageous fast-coming decade

Within this new edition of STRIPED Magazine, I interviewed and spoke to

STRIPED’s front cover stars.

Exploring, Amyl and the Sniffers’ ignition of the modern punk era with iconic frontwoman, Amy Taylor on her recent antics and their punk mischief. Learn about the World-wide Faux Realism campaign ran by enigmatic brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt. Including, an interview with the ingenious artist for miserable people, Louis Judkins and his clear-cut predictions for the decade 2020.

The best of photographers, Tanya Klimovich and Kertin Vasser take to the STRIPED lens. Vasser re-enacts 80s erotica characters portrayed from the perspective of a modern 2020 woman. Tanya Klimovich, questions what pointy shoes are today, a story based upon the worldview of a young male lost in the capital of Russia.

Immerse yourself in the colourful and weird

unseen world of the Witch twins. Take a look into the future.









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