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Editor and Art Director

Sophie Black

Copy Editor

Jonny Black

Contributors Taylor Thompson, Ashley Mathews, Henry Evans Harding, James Booton, Emily Rooney.

Photographers Taylor Thompson, Neil Dunne, Luke Parry, Sage Bennet, Sasha Chiaka, Claire O’Keefe, Alexandria Cooke, Lauren Kenk, Bree Hart, Martin Saleh, Andrea Perez, Wanda Martin, Ross Silcocks.

Cover photo by Taylor Thompson featuring Blake Sheldon.


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All STRIPED material is copyright ©, this magazine should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, without express permission of STRIPED magazine.

STRIPED survive as an independent voice; staying true to an original concept. I feel extremely privileged to bring together this STRIPED energy, into one place from all over the world. For this issue has entered in spirit the conscience of the most talented creatives and all culture. Our aim as this magazine prolongs is to get under the skin of the creative space and to be a testament to creative free enterprise. This magazine shall hope to, communicate and inspire future generations as we document sub-culture each year.

ISSUE 2, displays the works of our front-page photographer Taylor Thompson, based in LA. Featuring, on the front-cover and interview with upcoming actor Blake Sheldon. The interview explores Blake’s life and his outbreak into the entertainment industry, enriched with humour and some of the finest stories. As well as, what it’s like growing up as an aspiring young male actor in early years of school. Find out what is next for Blake Sheldon!

Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to talk to leading female music artists LAUREL AND LION… as well as the most electric and fashion iconic band GENERATION.

We are so enthusiastic, for we have our first ever exceptional and distinctive poet, Millie Radakovic, featuring her poem My Humbert, Humbert. My forbidden fruit.

In the arts, we spoke to 1980’s artist, Duggie Fields, featuring some of his best work, from his many years of exhibitions and events.

Illustration, animator Alice Bloomfield, gives her view on the art industry, featuring her work inspired by sometimes tasteless 80s interiors, explosive with colour and textures.

Behind the camera we meet visual artist and graphic designer, Michele Arrabito, and idiosyncratic photographers on their perceptions, showcasing a book of photography.

My thanks to every photographer, writer and editor for making this issue spectacularly unique. All the energy that has gone into this issue has no price and thanks can never be enough

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