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  Legendary Scottish fashion designer, artist and musician; Pam Hogg removes the barriers of normality in her work. She demonstrates how struggle can be transformed into a creative force, imperfections are honoured, chaos is embraced and the insurmountable is a barrier to be lifted. Pam Hogg’s work is the antithesis of classic high fashion.  Her designs are mainly visual pieces incorporating both her clothes and her music. They are innovative and daring with unusual fabrics, shapes and details. Her fashion shows, often encompass a tale or personal story belonging to her or one of her models, which makes her shows so incredible to witness. Perhaps, Pam Hogg’s most important, prevailing and bold collection was her unexpected a/w14 show, which happened to be never scheduled to take place. Until, amnesty international approached her three weeks before February 2014 London fashion week was to commence. They asked if she would contribute to the pussy riot in her catwalk show. This was since London fashion week coincided with the Russian winter Olympics. Pam made political statements throughout her work, and felt enthusiasm and passion for their cause. Pam Hogg made 20 garments in three weeks inspired by the joy and colour of gay culture. She recognised that this was an opportunity that could not be missed. This inspiration was by the pussy riot’s stance on exit from jail; she entitled it the show “COURAGE” and instantly started working on an astonishing and meaningful collection for a chapter in history. The dedication to the pussy riot and the struggle for gay rights in Russia and across the world had an impact on the audience of a/w14, but the world itself.  Pam Hogg worked solitarily in her studio for three weeks right up until the show commenced. The show took place 14th February, Valentine’s Day, adding the atmosphere of all love coming together as one. Models walked the length of the catwalk displaying placards with slogans “this collection is not for sale“, “this is collection is dedicated to pussy riot” and ‘love is a human right’. United they stood. Months later Karl Lagerfield, for Chanel, presented his collection with a group of models holding placards. Pam Hogg was to design the trophy for the brit awards 2016. For the first time in brit history Hogg designed individual statuettes for each of the 13 winners on the night. Her originality in designs and visuals are very appreciated across the globe with her work showcasing in many galleries.  Pam Hogg is constantly directing, producing and styling her collections with such creativity, shown each season at London Fashion Week. She has been an immense contribution to fashion and behind the scenes of extra design, to which she received an honorary doctorate. However, I believe this beautifully ingenious designer, stands before an iconic background; she has a view that is not to rebel but to own a position with an intrepid vision that celebrates ambiguities into works of exquisiteness. She is an inspirational woman that deserves so much more recognition; she is a voice that speaks with engagement to a generation of this world to come. Pam is one of the most exciting and unique fashion designer there is of this century.







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