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Sinead O'Dwyer  is exploring fashion as an implement to our view on the female form

  Sinead O’Dwyer released a recent graduate collection enthused by the female form. It explores how much meaning fashion and women assign to their body measurements.  To which we squeeze our bodies into manmade fashion requirements. How measurements are used to critique the prominence we place on our size. Sinead wishes to change the minds of traditional designed sizes; but also reflecting the breakability it has on the female body, how fashion has the power to make us feel exposed. The collection was titled, 23:19:26, which are the measurements of her model, Jade. To create her pieces, Sinead used inventive advanced techniques. Her creation is so pure and original, using a series of fiberglass shell moulds, which were cast around Jade’s body constructing her indentations. The elusive folds of each mould sheath the models’ skin. Abrasive and textured patterns, while another, gathers gentle folds into skin of the body. Sinead is going to explore female-identifying of bodies further through fashion in the zine 115:95:130, which complements her collection. The zine reconnoitres the estrangement of female body identity.  The imagery represents their bodies in objectivity and presence.


Models are wearing Sinead O'Dwyer's collection 23:19:26 


Sinead O'Dwyer: @sjodwyer

Photography: @ottilielandmark

Make-up: @lllllmarikolllll


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